Live Edge Oak Bench

Matching Oak live edge benches to go along with the table. These benches have a Minwax Red Oak stain


Live Edge Oak Bench

Matching Oak live edge benches to go along with the table. These benches have a Minwax Red Oak stain.


Live Edge Hairpin

Several different live edge piece (Cherry, Oak, Black Walnut, Maple) with hairpin legs


Chess Board

The board is made of Canarywood and Wenge hardwoods. It has a rotating top with oak storage compartment for the game pieces.


Chess Board

Canarywood and Wenge rotating top with oak storage compartment.


Oak Live Edge Table

This table measures 3” thick and is 8’ by 4’. This table comes with steel “X” frame legs with a Minwax Jacobean stain.


Country Bench

This is an oak, Black Walnut, and Chestnut bench


Live Edge Oak Table

This was made from Oak with 2” steel tubing legs. This table measures 7’ by 4’ and comes with a live edge bench with matching steel tubing legs. This table was stained with a Minwax Jacobean stain.


Butcher’s Block

made from oak and black walnut. This piece is 3” thick and a solid butcher’s block


Oak coat Tree

This 8 peg coat tree is made of oak with a heavy/sturdy stand to hang the heaviest of coats.

coat tree2.jpg

Oak Coat Tree

the base of the Oak coat tree


Bowlegged Black walnut stand

Black walnut with a clear satin finish


Bowlegged Oak stand

Built from Oak with a Minwax Honey stain


Oak live edge table

Live Edge Oak table with hairpin legs


Live Edge coffee table

This piece is made of Black Walnut with Oak inlays



Custom built nutcracker with working and moving jaws and arms. The flag he is holding was made of tanned deer hide and the customers name burned into the hide. This was made of Oak and Black Walnut.


Christmas tree Decoration

This tree was made from Cherry, oak, Black Walnut, and Mahogany. This base of this tree is on a revolving track which allows you to spin the tree.


Live Edge maple stand

This live edge top was brought to us by a customer who wanted legs/stand built for the top. The top was used in their wedding as a cake base. the table/stand was matched up perfect using spalted Maple


Live Edge Oak Bench

This bench was built with hairpin legs


Oak and Black Walnut Bench

This item was entered into Frederick County’s Great Frederick Fair and won 1st place in the carpentry section

Oak and Black Walnut Bench

This bench has the rare Chestnut inlay on the bench top.


Cherry wood country bench

Cherry wood with cherry stain.


Oak Breakfast table

A nice shot of the 30 inch oval top


Live Edge Oak Bench

Matching Oak live edge benches to go along with the table. These benches have a Minwax Red Oak stain

Live Edge Oak Bench

Matching Oak live edge benches to go along with the table. These benches have a Minwax Red Oak stain


Cheese Knife

Oak and Black walnut

Cheese knifes

Oak and Black Walnut

Hickory bench

Live edge Hickory Bench with black iron pipe legs

Oak Flower Stands

Oak wood with a satin polyurethane finish

Oak Live edge chairs

Black steel frame with oak live edge backing and seating


Toy Chest

Oak toy chest with vintage hardware


Toy Chest

Oak toy chest with vintage hardware

Cigar Humidor

Spanish Cedar Humidor with a sliding black walnut display shelf.


Ash serving trays

place all your meats and cheeses on this Ash live edge serving tray

Ash serving tray

finished with marine rope cleats for handles

Rustic Elegance Cherry table

Live edge cherry slab and french legs with a satin polyurethane finish


Rustic Elegance Cherry Table

Live edge cherry slabs with elegant french legs

Cigar Humidor

Made from Spanish Cedar with 2 glass doors makes for a large storage compartment for your cigars

Live edge Oak

Live edge Oak slab on hairpin steel legs

Heavy Hook

2’ heavy duty hooks mounted on a piece of black walnut live edge lumber

Heavy Hook

Hang your heaviest coats from these 2” hooks hanging on a black walnut live edge piece

Oak shelf hooks

Live edge oak with vintage iron Elk head hooks

Oak Shelf hooks

Oak board with vintage iron owl hooks


Black Walnut coasters


Black Walnut


Bloodwood Jewelry Box

Brass hardware on a Bloodwood hardwood with satin finish


Bloodwood Box

Made for the finest of Jewelry


Black Walnut bench

This Barked live edge slab has black iron pipe legs to make for a heavy and sturdy piece.


Black Walnut bench

Beautiful bark on this black walnut bench

Bloodwood TV shadow box

This TV has been set with a clear plexiglass top with bloodwood frame

Bloodwood TV Box

Bloodwood hardwoods

Oak Live Edge Table

Steel “X” frame legs to accent the Jacobean stain

Country Bench

A closer look at the oak and black walnut legs

Oak Live Edge Table

Oak table with Minwax Jacobean stain


Bowlegged Oak stand

Built from Oak with a Minwax Honey stain

Oak live edge table

hairpin legs with a clear semi gloss polyurethane finish

Live Edge Coffee Table

Black Walnut with Oak Inlays



A closer look at the nutcracker. This guy measures 6’ tall


Christmas tree Decoration

Another look at the wooden tree


Live Edge Maple stand

A better look at the custom built stand legs made from spalted maple.


Live Edge Oak Bench

Made with Hairpin legs


Oak and Black Walnut Bench



Oak country bench

Oak wood with a single coat of polyurethane

breakfast table

Oak breakfast table

Wood lathe turned center post with oval top

Cherry Jewelry box

Cherry wood jewelry box

The inside is lined with cedar planks for that beautiful one and only recognizable smell.


Red Oak Hour Glass chest bench

Red oak wood table with lift open top.


Red Oak Hour Glass chest bench

Rear view


Poplar wood desk

Custom made desk with pull out keyboard tray


Poplar wood desk

Storage area for desktop tower or printer.


Double door Oak jelly cupboard

Red oak wood with red oak stain


Double door Oak jelly cupboard

Two shelves inside. Doors stay closed with magnetic locks


Oak dresser

Three drawer dresser with mirror


Oak Dresser


Pine Growth Chart

Perfect for those who have little ones and want to track their growth! Check out the store for other options.


Black Walnut Half log bench

As close as sitting on stumps as you can get. This piece is made of black walnut to include the feet.

jewelry box1.jpg

Chestnut Jewelry Box

A jewelry box made from rare and hard to find worm wood chestnut.


Whiskey Barrel Table

Jack Daniel's whiskey barrel refinished and stained with a red oak finish. Added 30 inch square oak table top which is a great size for bar stools to gather around.


Ebony pine book shelf

A great look at the pine grain


Oak flower stand

This is a great red oak wood piece prefect for house plants.


Oak half log bench

Dont miss out of the leather booties on the feet of this oak half log bench.


Oak nightstands

Matching oak night stands. Brass knobs bring out the golden oak color.


Oak nightstands

These solid oak pieces will look great to any wooden bedroom set


Oak phone book desk

This desk/table has a deep free sliding drawer as well as a shelf great for storage.


Oak half round stand

This piece is made of red oak with a red oak stain


Oak jelly cupboard

A red oak cabinet with copper hinges and knob.

spice cabinet1.jpg

Cherry wood spice cupboard

Cherry wood spice cupboard

spice cabinet4.jpg

Cherry wood spice cupboard

Magnetic latches to secure both doors


Oak toy chest

Great and durable for your childrens toys. Or perfect for placing blankets inside.


Live edge Oak slab table

This is a heavy live edge Oak slab table.


Live edge Oak slab table

This table measures just over 8 feet with Cherry wood round slabs as stools.


Barn wood wine box

This is a wedding must have. Made of 100 year old barn wood, this ox is lined with felt inside and big enough for a bottle of wine and two glasses.


Live Edge Oak Table

This table is supplemented with a matching live edge oak bench.


Oak and Black Walnut Cutting board

This oak and black walnut features a handy handle


Live Edge Hairpin Bench

This oak bench features a live edge design with hairpin metal legs


Cherry wood jewelry box


Red Oak Hour Glass chest bench

Cedar lined inside


Oak cross

A great accent piece measuring 12 inches tall


Poplar wood desk

Custom pull out tray designed to fit flush with the keyboard to make typing easier on your wrists

Remember to contact us if any of these items interest you.

We can custom create one just for you!


Double door Oak jelly cupboard


Oak Dresser


Outdoor garden boxes

shallow boxes for those peppers and herbs and the deep boxes for veggies like carrots.


Adirondack Chair

Outdoor Adirondack chair. Perfect for lounging.


Oak frame mirror

Frames of all sizes are available.


Tree stand

Very large custom made tree stand for a customer

jewelry box2.jpg

Chestnut Jewelry Box

The inside of this beautiful jewelry box is lined with the ever-so-amazing smelling cedar


Ebony pine book shelf

This is a pine wood book shelf stained with an ebony finish.


Ebony pine book shelf

4 shelves to take on your biggest book collections


Oak flower stand

Middle shelf to double up the flowers.


Oak half log bench

Oak lathe turned legs to compliment this half log beauty


Oak nightstands

Each nightstand has a smooth sliding drawer with two shelves


Oak phone book desk

This is a great piece to put by your phone to store phone books in...even though nobody has phone books anymore.

Oak half round stand

This is a three tier half round stand great for placing it in the middle of that wall that needs a little something.


Pine knob shelf

This shelf has ten knobs on it, making it great for hanging hats, ties, etc. Can be custom made shorter or longer.


Oak jelly cupboard

two spacious shelves inside for storing anything you desire. Magnetic latch keeps the door closed.

spice cabinet2.jpg

Cherry wood spice cupboard

Three shelves inside this cupboard allows you to store quite a bit of seasoning and spices.


Oak toy chest

This is a very spacious toy chest with a golden oak finish.

Oak toy chest

This chest is lined with cedar planks to keep your items smelling fresh. This is equipped with self holding hinges.

Live edge Oak slab table

This table is stained with a red mahogany stain


Cherry wood stools

These are cherry wood rounds sitting on a custom made black iron pipe base.


Live Edge Oak Table

This is a 7’ X 4’ live edge Oak Table with steel tubing legs.

Oak and Cherry Cutting Boards

This checkered design allows the big juice grooves to really pop.

Oak and Cherry Cutting Board

This board contains oak and cherry wood alternating in a checkered design


Oak and Black Walnut Cutting Board

A nice close up view of the wood grain


Live Edge Hairpin Bench

This is a sturdy and comfortable oak bench with a modern and sleek design.