Oak Jelly Cupboard

Oak Jelly Cupboard


This is a oak double shelf jelly cupboard stained with a “Minwax Red Oak” stain and finished with a semi gloss polyurethane finish. This jelly cupboard measures 30”(Height) by 20”(Length of top) by 13”(Width).

This cupboard comes with a magnetic latch on the door to keep it closed. The hinges and door knob can be either the rust/copper colored picture here, or may also come in black. Please send a message upon ordering or your cupboard will come with black hinges.

Disclaimer: The item you purchase may have slightly different wood grain as the bench pictured here. Please allow up to 4 days of production time before shipping for adequate craftsmanship and finishing. Cumberland Valley Woodworking generally uses “Minwax” products but does not affiliate with or promote their finishes.

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