Oak/Black Walnut Cutting Board

Oak/Black Walnut Cutting Board


This durable cutting board features an alternating red oak and black walnut design. This cutting board was crafted by using the wood’s “edge” surface as opposed to the “Face” surface to help created a stronger and more durable cutting board. This cutting board comes seasoned with odorless, tasteless, and colorless “Howard” Cutting board oil. This oil rejuvenates the wood and helps prevent drying and cracking. The oil used has exceeded all requirements set forth by the FDA.

This cutting board measures 15”(Length) by 8”(Width) by 1.5”(height).

Disclaimer: The item purchased by not have the exact wood grain as depicted in the picture. Please allow up to 4 days of production time before shipping for adequate craftsmanship and finishing. CVW does not affiliate or promote “Howard” cutting board oil.

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